Left:H-11 [Large] Center:168 [Medium] Right:S-17

In fact, when talking with customers, it appears that it is the color that most women would like men to use.

Even when the material is the same color, each bag takes on a different look with a change in color of the shoulder straps and border.
For the Shinzaburo Hanpu brand, the color combination is blue-gray and beige while for the Ichizawa Hanpu brand, it is blue-gray and olive-green.

It blends in well with the surroundings as the seasons change, yet distinctively holds its own.

Right:Ichizawa Hanpu brand in blue-gray and olive.
Left:Shinzaburo Hanpu brand in blue-gray and beige.

Right:New blue-gray tote bag.
Left:Well used blue-gray tote bag.