Although canvas is durable, wear and tear cannot be avoided as it is made from natural fiber. At Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu, we make a real effort to repair as many bags as we can. When our craftspeople receive the bags in need of repair, uppermost in their minds is thanks to the customer for their love and affection of the bag that they have made. As the stitching is carefully undone and the repair work progresses, each craftsperson always has at the back of his/her mind the question of who and what kind of person had used and loved their bags, taking hints from the owner’s name and address and the wear and tear to the bags themselves.

They gently and carefully repair them wondering all the while as to the shared memories of the bags and their owners, wishing with all their heart a new start and new memories for them. In general, from one to two months is required to repair a bag. At times the damage to the bag or the condition of the material makes it beyond repair. At other times, however, even if the owner has half given up on the bag, we are able to bring it back to life. Therefore, before you give up on your bag, please contact us to see if it can be repaired or not.


When we accept bags for repairs, we do so with the aim of making them as close as possible to what they were when first bought as well as restore their durability so that they can continue to be used for a long time after the repairs. Assessing how much of the bag can be repaired is very important as if they are forcibly repaired, this could cause further irreparable damage. Therefore, the eye of the craftsperson is invaluable in gauging just how much to repair and when to desist.

Replacing the handles


    The handles have been worn out after many years of use.
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    In order to replace the handles, we must remove the eyelet and crimp fittings attached to the mouth of the bag.
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    The bag is turned inside out, all stitches removed from the opening as are the handles. From here the threads are all removed.
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    The two new handles are held in place and are stitched onto the bag tracing the old stitches.
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    Then the eyelet and metal parts are attached, the bag turned inside out again and the stitching and bag pounded into shape with a mallet.

    Changing the handles is one of the most commonly requested repairs. Although bags with badly frayed handles have often arrived at our shop, not one handle was broken or torn off, testifying to the durability of the bags.
Replacing the handles
Remove the metal fittings from the opening, remove the thread, then take off the worn handle. From that, sew on a new handle into the same holes used by the previous one. Then, fit on new metal attachments.
Replacing the handle/overlapping fix
Remove the metal fittings of the mouth, remove the thread, and cut off the old handle halfway. Stitch the new handle overlapping the original handle and reinstall the new bracket.
Repair of base corner holes.
The corner fabric is sewn inwards so that the frayed and open holes are hidden. If the hole is large, the width will become wider due to deep stitching, and the shape of the bag will change a little.
Replacing the shoulder strap
Remove the metal snap and take off the old shoulder band from the body. Then, sew on a new shoulder strap and reinforce it with new metal fixtures.
Repair of the hole in the body
Apply the fabric from the inside of the frayed and punctured part and cross-stitch it with a sewing machine from the front side. It is sewn with a thread of the same color as the fabric, but there are some perforations on the outside of the bag.
Estimated cost Handle replacement 3,300yen~ Zipper replacement 5,500yen~
Handle replacement (overlapping fix) 6,600yen~ Patching a hole 3,300yen~
Shoulder strap replacement 4,950yen~ *Price depends on the size and condition of a bag
Estimated cost
Handle replacement 2,200yen~
Handle replacement (overlapping fix) 4,400yen~
Shoulder strap replacement 3,850yen~
Zipper replacement 3,850yen~
Patching a hole 2,200yen~

*Price depends on the size and condition of a bag