First generation milk bag used for milk deliveries

The current and improved milk bag with a “X” stitched into the outside pockets

Customers might worry that the bag is inconvenient to carry because of its rounded bottom. On the contrary, because of the spacious bottom, many items can be carried and also makes locating them easier. It can even carry a family-size bento (lunch) box with ease!
Indeed, it is extremely difficult to find a bag that is this wide. Furthermore, with use, the material begins to adapt to your body so that the roundness is not so noticeable.
If you like round bags then you could choose one according to your taste: a cotton one if you want a bag that, though a bit stiff to begin with, adapts better to your body or a linen one if you want one that has a softer and limper feel. In fact, many of our staff boast of having both!

Liking something more with use - We are delighted that we can recommend items that we have used and like.
(From the left, ) No.68 Navy, No.68 Olive-green, I-07 Wine red (Linen), N-07 astroboy / Black, I-07 Off-white (Linen)