The bag comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.
The small size is the same in length vertically and horizontally, has plenty of width, and is rounded in form. Contrary to appearance, PET bottles can be carried inside.
The medium size is taller but narrower and slimmer in width. The pocket at the back is extremely convenient.
The large size can hold A4 size files and can be used when commuting to work or to school.
As the size increases, the number of pockets also increases.

upper left, upper right:Small size
lower left:Medium size
lower right:Large size

This bag is loved by a wide range of people of different ages and gender.
The reason why it has been selected is as diverse as the people who are their devout fans.

They range from twin elementary school boys who use the bags in different colors, parents who have been given the bags as a gift and even one customer who came in with a used bag, saying, “I’ve come for the third generation of this bag.”
This bag was previously written up in the column, “I want it by my side” in the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper.
The bag was introduced in this manner:

“The reason why I continue using Ichizawa Shinzaburo bags is because of their durability and the unique colors that never bore. The color of the border is also chic and adds a subtle cachet while walking around town.”

The craftspeople who read this article were delighted and at the same time a bit bashful.
We wish to continue to craft bags that make their owners want to keep them by their sides all the time.