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New item – Vertically long tote bag

Many customers ask us, “Do you have a simple tote bag that is large and vertically long which can be carried over the shoulder?”

I had also been wanting such a bag for some time and had been giving it some serious thought. I’d been thinking of a bag along the lines of our traditional tool bag and so when enough queries had been made, thought I’d give it a try.

There were three things that were a must in my mind. The bags had to:
1) have long straps so even men could carry them over their shoulders in comfort,
2) be large enough to accommodate A4-sized documents, and
3) have pockets both inside and outside for user-friendliness.

At last a bag that combined work-day and time-off use was completed.
They come in five popular colors.
Please drop by our shop to take a look at No. 117, our very newest simple and vertically long tote bag.

Product No.:No.117
Price:¥8,500(tax excluded)
Size:Height 34.5 x Width(Upper/Bottom) 35/27 x Width 9(cm)
Colors:Blue gray, Light brown, Black, Navy, Gray

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