• monogram / Off-white (front)monogram / Off-white (front)
  • monogram / Off-white (back)monogram / Off-white (back)
  • Inner-pocketInner-pocket
  • monogram / Blackmonogram / Black
  • monogram / Purplemonogram / Purple
  • camouflage / Olive-greencamouflage / Olive-green
  • camouflage / Blackcamouflage / Black
  • monogram / Off-white (front)
  • monogram / Off-white (back)
  • Inner-pocket
  • monogram / Black
  • monogram / Purple
  • camouflage / Olive-green
  • camouflage / Black


  • Size: H26 x W(Top/Bottom)29/19 x D10 (cm)
    Handle length: approx. 27 (cm)
    Weight: approx. 190 ( g )

  • body

    • monogram / Off-white
    • monogram / Black
    • monogram / Purple
    • camouflage / Olive-green
    • camouflage / Black
    See details colored patterns
  • Canvas: cotton canvas It is a small, rounded handbag with an oblong bottom. Useful for quick shopping. Valuables such as keys can be stored in the inner pocket.

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When ordering, please be aware of the following points:

  • ・Our products use hand-selected, high-quality materials and are crafted by our own skilled craftsmen.
  • ・As we use natural materials, please note that there may be slight differences in color and dimensions of the finished product.
  • ・Product images may differ from the actual product depending on the lighting conditions and the computing process.
  • ・The placement of the pattern on patterned bags varies from bag to bag.
  • ・Some specifications may have been changed for product improvement.