• Deep green / Linen (front)Deep green / Linen (front)
  • Deep green / Linen (back)Deep green / Linen (back)
  • From the front, I-05(03), I-05(02), I-05(01)From the front, I-05(03), I-05(02), I-05(01)
  • Wine red / LinenWine red / Linen
  • Ultramarine / LinenUltramarine / Linen
  • Gold-brown / LinenGold-brown / Linen
  • Off-white / LinenOff-white / Linen
  • Black / LinenBlack / Linen
  • Deep green / Linen (front)
  • Deep green / Linen (back)
  • From the front, I-05(03), I-05(02), I-05(01)
  • Wine red / Linen
  • Ultramarine / Linen
  • Gold-brown / Linen
  • Off-white / Linen
  • Black / Linen


  • Size: H29 x W(Top/Bottom)39/31 x D8 (cm)
    Handle length: approx. 47 (cm)
    Weight: approx. 280 ( g )

  • body

    • Wine red (Linen)
    • Ultramarine (Linen)
    • Gold-brown (Linen)
    • Off-white (Linen)
    • Deep green (Linen)
    • Black (Linen)
    See details colored patterns
  • Canvas: linen canvas Known as "the tool-bag". It was originally made as a tool-bag for craftsman. A type that has been made for more than 100 years and is a classic bag from the past. One size larger than I-05(02), A4 size paper and files enter horizontally, and the handle can be worn over the shoulder. It is the same size as I-06(03), but the fabric is thin. This bag is made with linen canvas and the cotton canvas type is H-05(03).

    • I-05(01)
    • I-05(02)

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