カバン・袋物・帆布加工一式 一澤信三郎帆布



ミンナソラノシタ/Everyone under One Sky (Minna Sora no Shita)

東日本大震災後、「アートオークション 」など、私たちでできる取り組みに関わってきました。京都のママたちのボランティア「ミンナソラノシタ 」の活動も、かばん作りを通じて応援しています。





After the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have been involved in efforts such as an “Art Auction” as well as many others. We have also been supporting the activities of “Minna Sora no Shita” for the mothers volunteering in Kyoto through making bags.
This year, once again, kindergarten-aged children and their mothers were invited to Kyoto from Fukushima to ryugaku or study in a different environment.
Every year Kyoto mothers volunteer to help out in the “Minna Sora no Shita” activities of which this is one. In Belarus, where the Chernobyl incident occurred, there is an effort to help children to recuperate in a place with little radioactivity for 20 days each year. This is because it appears that the amount of radioactivity accumulated in the children during the year considerably decreases by doing so. With this in mind, “Minna Sora no Shita Parent and Child Ryugaku” is also for 20 days during which time the children attend kindergarten in Kyoto.

Previously, I participated in the conference for the mothers of Fukushima held during their study abroad period.
The mothers are full of smiles while residing in Kyoto but when the talk turns to Fukushima, their expressions change and become somber.
“My family and friends dislike it when I talk about my concerns regarding radioactivity saying that I am being overly sensitive. Therefore, I cannot talk with anyone about the health hazards to my child and need to keep my fears bottled up.”
“I cried when I saw the children touching the soil in Kyoto as they pulled up sweet potatoes. In Fukushima, I daren’t allow them to pick wild flowers or even go near puddles.”
“Someday, when my children are of marriageable age, I worry that they may face discrimination for being born in Fukushima.”
“When I evacuated, I felt so guilty as it seemed as if I were abandoning Fukushima, my family, and friends, so I returned.”
Mothers shed tears as they talk about their mixed emotions and concerns regarding Fukushima. Each is trying hard to make the best of an intolerable situation and do the best they can to; no one is in the wrong, no one is to blame.

Although time has passed since that disastrous earthquake, we remember; no one has forgotten.
A bag was made in support of Fukushima and the activities of Minna Sora no Shita.
I hope this bag will open the way to the future of the children in Fukushima.

*Please note that these bags are not available at our shop. To purchase, please contact “Minna Sora no Shita”.


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