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Thank you

Thank you for visiting us from all over the world; thank you for coming from far and near.
I really appreciate your taking the time to visit our shop with a “Here we come” attitude, full of excitement and anticipation.

Thank you for your kind words and letters of appreciation.
“I came here just to visit Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu!”
“I’m here at long last.”
“This is my third generation bag.”

We have been supported by our customers’ words and our relationships with them.
Customers who come to our shop many times.
Customers we see once a year.
Customers we have met at events.
Customers who place orders through our mail-order service.

There are so many different customers but they are all dear to us. When leaving a bag for repairs, hands gently patting the bag as in a brief goodbye; a softly whispered “It was a keep-stake”; parents with children to have them experience the handing over of the bag for repairs; the courteous lifting of a hat and a bow before opening the door to leave…
Thank you for sharing with us things that are so precious to you.

Our bags are loved by many customers. They have cultivated my values which is that I would like to be a person who is worthy of our bags.

I am far from perfect or even dexterous and have had customers help me out on occasion. However, what I do have is the strong desire to help match customers with the perfect bag for them.

When I think “thank you” of customers, I am sincerely grateful that our shop is small and is the only one of its kind in the world, as it enables me thank the customer immediately and in person.

Thank you very much again for this year. The craftspeople and staff at Higashiyama, Kyoto will continue to make and sell bags as we await your next visit.

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