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The Relationship Between Bags and “r”

“Senpai (senior), what was the ‘r’ in this bag?”
“Hm? That’s coffee.”
When I first joined the company, I would catch bits of this kind of conversation between my senpai and wondered whether they were already discussing their coffee break. I was so new that I didn’t know anything and wondered if they could be slacking off.
I learned that “r” referred to the radius of a circle. In terms of our bags, the rounded corners are called “r”. Was I expected to understand that right away and say, “Yeah, that’s it.” My reaction, however, was “Huh? “r” is coffee!?”

There were other “r”s like nuts, cookies, bug bombs, metal fasteners large and small, buttons ( some are not used now). The mystery further deepened and incomprehension gave way to frustration.

Coffee break came and still no answers. Pondering on these series of mysterious words, I looked down at my coffee and had a flash of understanding. Coffee, mug, radius – it all came together.
This shorthand code was developed by my many times removed senpai based on things that surrounded them. “r” referred to the radius of things such as coffee cans, nuts cans, cookie cans, Peace (tobacco) cans – mostly cans- and other familiar objects. These were used to mark off the curves on canvas fabrics.
It was quite an ingenious code to refer to the size of the curves of bags and the fact that it is still being used is so like our company.
Please drop by the shop to find the “r” in the bags.

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