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First Errand

Grasping the pochette strap firmly, my son began to walk in a somewhat wooden manner as I sent him off on his first errand. Watching him, I remembered the first time I went on an errand as a child.

The bread my son brought back seemed to taste much better than usual. Suspicion raised its head and in a hurry, I checked the receipt from the bread shop. Just as I had thought, he had bought bread that was 100 yen more expensive! But the extra expense was worth it as it was my son’s first errand.

As children undergo many first experiences, they grow as a person.
A “reliable partner” who is always there for the child as he/she matures, is the new member of the Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu line of bags.
It can be used as a “pair” bag of someone close to you or as a pouch by removing the string straps.
Although small, it has the capacity to contain many wonderful memories. Wouldn’t you like to consider having such a “reliable partner” by your side?

Product No.:S-29
Size:H 15 × W(Upper/Bottom) 12.5/9.5 × D 3(cm)
Colors:Off-white x Navy・Japanese-red x Beige・Navy x Beige・Black x Blue-gray
Price:3,500 yen(tax excluded)


Thank you for purchasing our product.

For the safety of your child, we have attached a safety connector that is released when a strong force is applied.
The safety connector does not guarantee 100% safety. Please be careful not to wind the rope around one’s neck. Particularly when using playground equipment etc., please be careful about the rope becoming snagged or entangled.
Please only use under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

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