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My father’s bag

There is my father’s old bag, S-05 Large at home.
I wonder when I gave the bag to him. It must have been some time when he didn’t have one.
The bag was perhaps a little too big as my father never carried much with him when he went out. My mother told me that even while complaining that he didn’t have anything to put in it, he took the mostly empty bag that contained only his wallet and packet of tissue wherever he went.

My father fell ill two years ago.. Reflecting back on that time, I could only be there for him as there was nothing I could do. It felt like forever yet a frighteningly quick half year until his death.
I think I will repair my father’s bag although I can no longer return it to him to use. It will remind me of the time when my father was well and his gentle smile.

Many bags come back to the shop for repairs. I can’t help but think that each bag may be filled with the various thoughts and memories of the customers.

My father taught me a lot and continues to do so even now that he is no more.

It is almost father’s day.


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