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From a conversation with a customer

This latest bag resulted from a conversation I had with a customer. He said that his favorite pastime was visiting various areas and exploring them. When a particular cityscape caught his fancy, he would sketch it. The customer was looking for a bag that he could take on his explorations. He showed me samples of some sketches he had made and although I am not of an artistic bent, they struck a deep chord within me.

Questioned further, his requirements were as follows:
・A4 sized with lots of pockets.
・Capacity to hold 2 to 3 sketch books, a box of coloring pencils and other art materials as well as personal effects.
・Vertical in design so that the bag can rest on the lap without taking extra space especially on crowded busses and trains.

Unfortunately, however, there weren’t any bags which met the customer’s needs at the time. I usually work in the workshop making bags but for some reason, I couldn’t get the customer’s bag out of my mind and so finally decided to see if I could make one.

I made a prototype and tried it out myself as well as asked other craftspeople to try it out. I did this a number of times but I just couldn’t get it right. It was so discouraging that I almost gave up. However, I persevered and finally, after five years, it was completed and could be placed on the shelves of the shop.

It accommodates A4 size files and sketchbooks with ease, has a zippered opening, and lots and lots of pockets. The straps are long enough for even a man to carry on his shoulder and has an optional shoulder strap.

My sincere hope is that someday the customer who inspired the bag will come across it and recognize it as the bag of his dreams.

Product No.:B-05
Color:Gray x Purple, Black x Navy, Olive Green x Black (Future changes possible)
Size:H 35 x W28 x D14cm Handle length 54cm
Price:23,000 yen(tax excluded)

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