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My Father’s Back

Picture above is No.76. It’s my first choice so far.

“It’s not that I can’t eat natto (fermented soy bean), I just don’t.” The only thing I can boast about is that I can happily eat natto while my father cannot. My father has always done everything himself from plumbing, doing over the wood flooring, farming, and cooking. Which reminds that as he was so good at everything, I even inveigled him to do my summer construction homework when I was a child. (Oops, this was a secret!) It was also my father’s influence that I joined the track and field club when I was a junior high school student.

My father retired last year from the local village office where he had worked for many years. As we have not been able to spend too much time together, this year I am thinking of giving him a bag as a present for all his years of hard work. It will be big enough to hold his calligraphy paraphernalia, his hobby, as well as an overnight bag as I hope that he will thoroughly enjoy his hard earned free time.

Almost as if I were trying to catch up with my father, I continued to run through high school and when I entered university, joined the ekiden (relay race) club. Even now I try not to miss my daily run as my goal is to participate in the Kyoto marathon each year. This will be my fourth time to participate this year. With pride in being able to eat natto, I hope to persevere like the sticky natto this year.

※Kyoto marathon 2019 will be held on the 17th of February.

Myself last year and my father from 40 years ago.

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