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Fancy wrapping

The radio at our workshop has begun to play Christmas songs recently.
My wife, who is a professional patissier, bakes a Christmas cake for the children each year.
Last year, however, our son said looking at her and the cake, “I want a cake from a cake shop.”
“Son,” I said in my heart, “your mother’s cakes are sold at cake shops.”

My wife took up the challenge and is determined to beautifully gift wrap the cake this year – it will be put in a box, elaborately tied with a beautiful ribbon and placed on the table as if just brought back from a cake shop. Already our hearts are beating fast as we imagine the look of joy on our son’s face as he unties the ribbon.

This season, Ichizawa Sinzaburo Hanpu is also offering a more fancy wrapping than usual.
How about giving a gift to your sweetheart, your family, or even to yourself as a reward for getting through the year?

Shoulder bag in photo above
Product No.:IS-28
Color:Wine red, Ultramarine, Gold-brown Off-white, Deep green, Black (six colors)
Size:H 27 × W 18× without gusset (cm)
Price:8,000 yen(tax excluded)
※Length of string adjustable

※Wrapping bag shown in photo below is 200 yen each (tax excluded)

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