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Recently, I visited the Penghu islands in Taiwan for the first time. I took with me the R-08, a bag which I use daily to go to work. It was a sort of good luck charm to keep at bay any stress that I might feel on a first-time trip.

The Penghu islands were absolutely stunning, making me forget the pressures and paths of everyday life. There were numerous occasions when I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the islands, and I sincerely thanked my good fortune to have chosen this spot to vacation.
When I go on a trip, I occasionally come across our bags and a feeling of gratitude bubbles up inside me as I take in the wonderfully worn yet well-kept bags and can’t help but wonder how many years they have been in use. At these moments when a fragment of my daily life intersects with an out-of-the-ordinary situation, I feel the connectivity of the world

Back from my trip, I have again set about making bags, bags that will travel forth from Kyoto to the rest of Japan and the world, and hope that someday I will have the good fortune to encounter them somewhere again.


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