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Connect, to be connected, to continue connecting

TSUNAGO (connect, join, link) is a pencil sharpener that reshapes pencil stubs so that they be fitted into each other to become longer. The fitted pencils thus have a longer life span and can be used until the lead runs out (see picture above). A customer, who had read my previous blurb about white pencils, gave me this environmental-friendly item. Needless-to-say, I greatly appreciate the kind thought behind this unexpected gift.
When I used it for the first time, it made me aware once again that being environmentally-friendly is not so easy. In fact, such a lifestyle is rather troublesome and requires a lot of effort. I was, moreover, thoroughly impressed by the people who had come up with this innovative idea. How much time and effort they must have expended to make the product commercially viable!
The message from TUNAGO is, “Reduce waste and use what can be used for as long as possible starting with pencils.” I am in complete agreement. Beginning with small personal items, each is a small, inconspicuous step but from which powerful momentum flows. There is much to be learned from this attitude.
“Let’s repair and use what we have for as long as we can, starting with bags.”
I would like to tsunagu our customer’s affection for their bags by repairing them and in doing so, make our customers even more attached to their bags.

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