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Comfort blanket? No, comfort bag!

I realized with a start that it’s almost April.
I returned from a year’s maternal leave last April.
It was for my second child and so different from that of my first when I could simply enjoy the sheer joy of being a mother. This time round, there was no time for quiet appreciation of my second child as each day was a blur of intense busyness. Despite the frantic pace of life, a part of me missed working and being with my colleagues. However, the year passed in almost a blink of an eye and I returned to work

Although I am busier than ever, my life is fulfilling thanks to the warm support of my colleagues.
No.17C is a bag just like them as it has been my staunch supporter for over ten years at work and even on my days off.
It is a basic standard item of our shop, and because it has been with me for so many years, I find it a great comfort.
It seems to be saying “I’m always here. Don’t worry, just do your thing.”
I’d like to be like the bag for my children, a source of reassurance and comfort.

The photo above shows the bags used by my family. The little red bag was a gift to my daughter this spring as she has been trying so hard to be a good older sister to the baby.

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