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New shippo-pattern colors: blue-gray with pearl pink

Our standard shippo-pattern has just come out in new exciting colors. Dyed a popular blue-gray with an elegant pearl and pink overlay, it looks as if it were made of a softer Japanese kimono fabric than sail cloth.
In contrast to the iki (stylish and sophisticated) black with silver, our standard color combination for our shippo-pattern, this color combination is hannari (graceful and elegant).
The colors look great in any season, and the bags can be used even when you are wearing a kimono besides its normal everyday use.
I’m a great kimono fan, but the opportunities for going out in one are few and far apart these days. How nice it would be to walk along Kyoto’s stone-paved roads with this bag, imagining I were in a kimono.
I strongly endorse stepping out of the noisome bustle of everyday life for an elegantly refreshing time with our hannari blue-gray shippo bag.
Please note that the bags are only available this season.

From the left
N-05 Large with an inner pocket:¥8,500-(tax excluded)Height30xWidth(Upper/Bottom)39/27xDepth 12(cm)

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