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New! My bag, my partner

I always carry with me my wallet, business card case, keys, smartphone, lip balm and other small items everywhere I go.
I therefore made a small bag into which I could put them all so I could carry them easily.
Adding another layer of canvas on the outside of the bag simplifies the design and helps keep its shape.
Although it doesn’t seem so, it has ample storage space with two small pockets and a large one inside.

When you are going out and don’t wish to carry too many items, it can be used as a clutch bag.
With the addition of the optional strap, you can use it as a shoulder bag.
Furthermore, if you are going to carry a large bag, it can be used as an inner bag to organize the things in your bag.

Actually, many customers had requested that we make a clutch bag and an inner bag.
However, I have butterflies in my stomach wondering whether our customers will like the one I made or not.
It would be absolutely super if you would use it every day as if it were your streamlined and smart “partner”.

Product No.:Z-15
Price:¥9,000(Tax excluded)
Size:H 18 x W (Upper 30・Bottom 28) x D 3 (cm)
Color:Japanese red・Blue-gray・Off-white・Black

Shoulder strap [A-01] is separate.

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