カバン・袋物・帆布加工一式 一澤信三郎帆布



ハレの日のお誂えかばん/Custom-ordered bag on a ceremonial day

それは、“うちのかばんを引き出物にする” こと。




Excuse me for being personal, I had a wedding in February this year. I had about three months to prepare for the wedding. During the period, I went to look at a wedding ceremony hall, held a lot of meetings, made a letter of invitation, and even chose music at the ceremony, and so on. I had to decide a lot of things and had quite a tough time, but I had one thing that I had decided before anything else.
That is, “to give our bag as a gift for guests at the wedding.”

We are both from Shikoku, far from Kyoto. Not a few guests had to make a long journey for the wedding, so I thought it would be nice that I could put other gifts in the bag so that the guests would bring them back easily. And the bag could be used also after the wedding, so it would be a fairly useful gift. Above all, it was a special bag made in Kyoto. Because of its shape, we couldn’t wrap the bag by noshi-gami (Japanese traditional gift wrapping paper), so we decided to print noshi-decoration by a silk screen on the inside of the bag.

Our craftsmen made each bag carefully, swinging a wooden hammer and treadling a sewing machine. Seeing the scene closely, I realized the wedding was close at hand, and felt tension and determination again.

At last, on the very day of the wedding, since we were better-prepared, the ceremony went well without any major trouble. The gift bags also welcomed the guests with their back straight. Well, I could say that it would be a trouble that I muffed my lines at the opening speech.
The wedding day is a special day in which we can express honestly our gratitude that we don’t show in everyday life. I wonder whether my gratitude was conveyed with the bag, to people who came the wedding.
I will remember this memorable day in mind, and spend years with the bag, supporting each other to live tranquilly for years and years.

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