カバン・袋物・帆布加工一式 一澤信三郎帆布



スカッとしたかばん/Sukatto bags



私が作っているかばんの中でも 『No.37』 のトートバッグもまた、非常にスカッとしたデザインです。たて、よこのライン、それに平行するように縫い付けられたバンドや底あてがどれも直線的で綺麗です。口元が広く、中の荷物が見やすい上、出し入れがしやすいです。また口元を外に折って使うこともできるので、中の荷物が見えることなく、安心してお使いいただけます。

うちの “スカッとしたかばん” たち。ぜひお店でご覧ください。

When I had just joined the company, Emi, our boss’ wife often told me anecdotes about the company, one of which left a lasting impression. She said that the late Nobuo Ichizawa, whom everyone called Taisho (boss), would often be heard talking to himself when looking around at the bags lined up in the shop, “Nicely sewn, nicely sewn. Our bags are looking “sukattto.”

I remember that whenever I had some time, I would go to the store to look at the bags, pondering on what he had meant by “sukatto“.

As I looked around at the bags, I found that they had been made following certain rules, such as a fixed number of colors used, careful and scrupulously aligned sewing, pockets and metal parts added as needed, overall unity and, above all, pleasing to the eye. I realized that our bags were indeed “sukatto“.

Among the bags I make, tote bag No.37 is also very pleasing to the eye (sukatto).
The horizontal and vertical lines, the straps and the bottom sewn to align with the horizontal strip at the bottom are all most aesthetically pleasing. The wide mouth of the bag makes it easy to check what’s inside as well as to put in or take out what you need. The top can also be folded down.
By the way, there is a strap sewn onto the bag just under the front pocket. Do you know why it is there? It’s to prevent the bag from swinging around. Just grip it when the bag is over your shoulder and you can feel the difference immediately.
Shinzaburo always tells us, “We don’t add unnecessary parts. Each part has a reason for being there.”

Please come visit our shop to see our “sukatto” bags.

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