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Repairing bags

“We accept requests for repairs.”
It sounds simple, but is very serious statement. I believe that we can say it because we have confident in quality of our products.
We can’t say that for products that we don’t care after we sell. This statement means that we bear the responsibility as much as possible even for bags that were used for years and decades. Moreover, it also affirms that we use good reliable materials for our products.

When a worn and torn bag used for a long-used bag returns to us for repairs, I’m very glad and impressed as a craftsperson.
On the other hand, I always feel pressure from treating properly the bag, which is overflowed with history with the owner. I have to unsew carefully one stitch by one, not to damage the bag, repair correctly, and give it back to the owner.
To tell the truth, it takes a lot of time and effort, yet it is a fulfilling job and I like it.
These days, more and more people don’t bother to repair goods to use longer. Still, I think it is nice to use favorite goods for a long time by repairing.
We accept requests for repairs at any time.
Before you give up on your old worn bag, please contact us to see if it can be repaired or not.

△ This is a bag that a father gave to a mother. Now it’s been repaired, and a husband of their daughter is using it for work.

△ A bag that had been used by a father in his school days, and after that, was handed over to his son. The son began to use it when he was in junior high school. Some days ago, we received it to repair, and replaced the straps. The son is a college student now, and still using this bag.

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