Left: Vintage tool bags printed with the shop names
Right: A newspaper advertisement from the 20th year of the Showa period

It is the oldest of all of our bags and has been made for over 100 years. Originally made as a tool holder for craftsmen such as carpenters and plasterers, it was commonly known simply as “tool bag”.

In the past, the customer's shop name and product name were printed on the bag in large characters so that when the bag was carried on the handle of a bicycle, it was like an advertisement that would make its way around the city, a most cost effective way of advertising at a time when there was neither television nor the Internet.
The bags came in two types of fabric thicknesses, 7 sizes, but with one deep pocket attached to the front.
The 05 series uses a thin canvas but is durable and also light and easy to carry on the shoulders.
The heavy 17 series is made of a thick canvas material and has thick, straight stitching.
This bag is large-sized and bigger than any bag of its kind anywhere and is used for going to the sports gym and for hobbies such as holding camping equipment for outdoor work, unique professions, and is also large enough to carry art boards and drawings.
Every month, many well-worn tool bags make their way back to us for repairs including bags which have been used for as long as 40 years!

Whether it is a bag that is used every day with care or a bag that has seen hard wear and tear, there are no two bags that return to us for repairs that have the same look.

Although 100 years have passed, our bags are still made the same.
Left: Our present tool bag
Right: Our tool bag from 100 years ago